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tv   After Words  CSPAN  January 27, 2014 3:00am-4:04am EST

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and whether i'm in l.a. or whenever i am. sheer a fabulous. i want to hear it and i can't hear anything. ease pressurely when you get off at lake forest. >> okay. >> day or night, in my house, on the radio in the car, it's going crazy. >> i'm happy to tell you why. i answer this question all over the country. no matter how strong the signal, no matter how wonderful the station, and it depends upon when you leave the reach of a signal and the ama70 signal is directional and daytimer. at the moment the sun goes down, they have to turn down the power. every night you will be going online listening to the show there are bands that arrive right about -- yeah. it's a station south of the mexican border not governed by the fcc that steps on the signal. absolutely every night. we can't invade mexico over my station.
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we actually could invade mexico over my station. but that's what it is. and that's the problem. [laughter] >> my name is noel -- [inaudible] one of the things no one mentioned they loved most about you is your laugh. [laughter] here is my question. give me -- i love the republican party, and i'm -- it's any my blood. give me a snappy answer to state of republicans when they say, they're unhappy with the republican party. they're always fighting with each other. >> well, it's hard to argue with the truth. it's like a circular firing squad. the snappy answer is, wouldn't winning be a lot more fun? because it would be, in fact, it is counter productive. i'm trying to negotiate a truce between two great conservatives, in fact, during the show and after wards. two great conservatives are at
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odds with each other. i think there aren't enough targets to shoot at your friends. and ronald reagan -- i did a broadcast from the reagan ranch high above santa barbara on the 25th anniversary, i believe it was of the tear down the wall speech. it was a wonderful place. he was always happy and believed in the 1e9th commandment. i wish we could reinstall that. time for one more question. i think. >> do you have a theory how some children that went through the holocaust didn't have parents or happy parents or happy surroundings to say the least, went through such horrors came out with no bitterness and happy dispositions. i know, some of them. >> there are, in fact. a great story. i didn't tell if had my book. when go to las vegas, i play poker badly. and i usually lose. i play seven-card draw.
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it's a fascinating draw. i play the low stakes table. and i sitting there one night late across the street from caesars, i can't remember the name of the hotel. it's the pink one. they still run a that -- traditional card. they don't play texas holden. i like traditional -- i grew up playing in high school. i play it. i'm sitting there and seven people at the table and there's a dealer. in rolls the guy in a wheelchair, this is 15 years ago. he was 60 or 70. 15 years ago. and he pulled in and he said great day, isn't it! i said why would you say that? you haven't won a hand. he local -- rolled up his sleeve. he said every day is a great day! i'm alive, let's play. i thought that was unfair, actually. because how are you going to take the money from him at that point? you're folding on full houses. you're not playing.
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it was a great testament. it was a great story. i wish i had taken the time -- i wasn't yet on the radio or i would have gotten his name down. but i actually dennis had a holocaust survivor on the other day. it was a suit salesmen in downtown los angeles. i don't know if you heard the interview. he's the most happy fellow. i think they -- i asked dennis the last time. dennis why are jews so happy? so funny. and he thought, that's a silly question. then he said it's not. it's a good question. that's why i do what i do. it's because suffering produces good humor and a sense of appreciation for when there isn't suffering. i think that's probably the answer. on that note, thank you very much for coming. i'll sign books. thank you jonathan and the nixon library. [applause] >> thank you. i want to thank for coming out tonight. and you all know we have some great authors here, excuse me.
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it's not the extreensive honorary. it's the priceless gifts we provide them. i want to give one to hugh. this is what would nixon do mug. this is a number one in a series of about 50. there's about 5,000 more available in the museum store. please pick one up. we'll have hugh in the front lobby to sign your books. thank you. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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